What is “gentle accounting”?

The “gentle” approach to accounting is to first understand your relationship to your money. Most entrepreneurs are in business for love and for life. Keeping track of the ebbs and flows of the money and tailoring systems that can be managed easily will keep that love strong and life simpler.

Running a small business or creating art for a living is often stressful financially, especially when the goal is not simply making money, but wanting to provide products, services or art to the world. Keeping up with the tax laws and keeping records, is part of making a living, but not the part most people enjoy.

So where to start? Right where you are. What have you been doing? What do you plan to do? How much does it cost to operate and how much money do you need to generate to live comfortably? How do you spend your time while working? What do you need to know about your business that will help you be more profitable?

Do you have a system that’s working, or do you need a better one? Do you like computerized accounting, or would you rather do it manually? Would you prefer to collect the information and have someone else keep the books?

Together we will work out a system that you can understand and manage well. You will be able to look at your system checklists and know that you are doing the right things at the right time. You will also be able to get answers that you need on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Gentle accounting takes care of the financial management of your life using your preferences for methods. You help design the system, and then you manage the system with or without help from MoneyMatters-Asheville.