About Glenda Larsen & Money Matters-Asheville

I am an accountant with more than 25 years experience in providing financial and business services to companies, employees and non-profits. I will take a personal interest in your business and will provide the services that will be the best fit for your operation (or I’ll help you find the right folks for your situation).

My goal with each of my clients is to demystify and de-stress the financial management of their operation so they can focus on delivering the services or products that are the heart of their work. I will work with clients to create a simplified accounting system that will minimize the agony of recordkeeping while providing easy-access financial information to guide business growth. With individuals, I work to minimize their tax bill while assuring that their information is reported correctly.

The relationship can be in-depth or task-specific, and we will work together to determine the work plan. I am fascinated by entrepreneurial and artistic vision. My “art” is to put the numbers to work for you, keep all the officials accommodated, and to clear the way for the flow of abundance that will grow your business and support your life.

Glenda Larsen
Money Matters-Asheville